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Affiliate business, career, online, specialties are being developed by the top search engines.   They are developing multiple descriptions of the same article .   In a nutshell, the content in an article’s description automatically adapts to contextual searches.   Believe it, you are about to see proof with your own eyes. is helping the top search engines develop multiple affiliate, business, career, online specialties.   Believe it, otherwise you will miss seeing live proof in search results of lifetime income opportunities.   They have the potential to help you or your business grow and prosper.

What you are about to see was accomplished by adaptive description technology.   Look at what the top search engine is publishing first.   The other search engines will follow the top search engine’s lead.

  1. Google is currently publishing multiple description listings about the following website and business names: and ABCO Specialties.   You can simply click each of the above links to see free and live examples.   You are about to see live and multiple affiliate, business, career, online listing specialties.   Remember, no app or software was required for development.   We like to think that Google awarded the multiple business, website, listings due to our exclusive, original, advertising and marketing content.
  2. The following website, business, keyword names: and ABCO Specialties, content and keywords, are currently being repurposed by Yahoo.   Click the above links now please.   You will see the Yahoo version of live multiple online listing specialties.
  3. Bing is also repurposing and ABCO Specialties website, business, content and keywords.   You can see a live version of Bing’s multiple website, business, listing specialties.   Simply click on the above links now please.

Will Veazey, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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