American Business Custom Web Site Specialtes

American Business, Custom, Web, Site Specialties or as in this case, lead magnets.   The purpose of a lead magnet is two fold.  First, you utilize content marketing to qualify, target and attract leads. Second, you convert the lead into qualified potential customers.

You know this lead magnet works like a Swiss clock.   The Chief Marketing Specialist (CMS) conducts online research.   You were likely attracted to the headline.   The purpose, is to discover the right content marketing and keywords.   Then we will make custom web site specialties for you.   They will help you promote your web site for less with success™.

You are about to see unique search terms similar to, “American business, custom web site specialties”.   Notice the custom content specific descriptions.   You will find a description among each of the search engines in the listing:

> Bing®: Click the Bing link.   It will reveal a “custom website specialties” listing.   It is being promoted among 180+ million web sites.

> Yahoo®: Click the Yahoo link.   You will see a page one “custom website specialties” listing.   It is now being promoted on the first page among almost one billion web sites.  Pretty neat, you think?

Google®: Click the Google linkSearch results will reveal a “custom web site specialties” listing among 56 million websites.

Your click on the above links would have revealed page one custom web site specialties.

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We suggest you make a “American Business Custom Web Site Specialties” website  landing page.   It will facilitate easy tracking of leads to a specific webpage within your website.   You convert the leads into money paying customers.


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