Early Childhood Entrepreneurship…

It began with his mom’s reply that was quick and to the point.  Will’s Early Childhood Entrepreneurship!  Look son, you’ve got younger brothers and sisters who need clothes too!  In fact, I need to buy clothes for all six of my children.  We simply can not afford for me to do  that.   How do you think that makes me feel?

Will noticed tears in his mom’s eyes and she wiped them away.   Then, he simply replied, it’s ok mom.  Sewing up my bluejeans where they are torn will work just fine.   He turned around walked out the back-door of his home.  Walked out into his backyard.   Looked around the yard while listening to mocking birds mock one another.  He went over to their back-yard swing-set.  Set down on one of the swings.  He started swinging and thinking to himself.  I need to help mom make extra money.


Life made it necessary to begin his with his mother’s help.  It was early in Will’s lifewhen he began to start learning all about insight.  Life made him start looking for ways to make money with a  early childhood entrepreneurhip.


(More Coming Soon)