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Free R&D Consultation About Your Hidden Business Specialties

Check out this Free R&D Consultation About Your Hidden Business Specialties. For example, the original headline of this short article was published in March 2016.  Its original purpose was to qualify, target and attract a diverse audience who might be interested in hidden business specialties.  Google® on the other hand, had what has turned out to be a better idea for the short article headline.

The top search engine published this short article headline in a brand new Google® search engine niche.   It was revealed to a Texas entrepreneur through SEO research   He is now  utilizing the top search engine’s optimization tactic for a new…

Business Development

The Google® new, business development, tactic, is being utilized by a a Texas entrepreneur.  You see, SEO research, revealed the headline to be a great new, business development, strategy the following new project…

Phone Systems – Free Consultation

A Texas entrepreneur is developing a Phone Systems – Free Consultation promotion.   It is part of a new, business development, project.   Read more about the phone systems – free consultation after you click the above link, now please.

Why Consider This Free R&D Consultation About Your Hidden Business Specialties?

You might be thinking, why consider this free R&D consultation.   The reason, its about your hidden business specialties.   Granted, you don’t know if they even exist at the moment.   Well, research has shown the top search engines quietly repurposing content and keywords.   They are utilizing them to qualify and target leads for search engine sponsor ads.    and websites over the years.   decided in 2011 to make search easier.  Their goal was to help consumers or others find what they want.   Things on the internet they want to know more about with the help of the top search engines.

Look At What Is Happening With Tings on the Internet Now!

You can conduct your own research (due diligence) and see if the top search engines are repurposing your content marketing keywords or phrases.   Simply find out if your things are being put through a repurposing process by the top search engines.   Find out if one original description is being repurposed into multiple descriptions.

Remember, the search engine tactic helps them qualify, target and attract leads to their sponsored ads.   Your question about now might be

What does repurposing descriptions or a description mean?   It means taking the original (content and/or keyword phrase) and revising it.   For example, the repurposing could mean publishing one or more (multiple) descriptions about the same article or case study.    In other words an article, blog or website can now be published with multiple descriptions.    The reason it is being done is simple.   The top search engines want to help online consumers or marketers find what you are searching for on the worldwide web.

Oh, wait a minute, there is a big problem.   You do not have any idea at this point where the repurposing of all the above exists.   Therefore, each of the multiple search engine niche listings are hidden from your view.

However, there is good news for you today.   Our R&D Hidden Search Term Specialists Team can help find your multiple descriptions for you!

Your questions about now might be:

If it is already out there on the Internet, aren’t I already getting benefits?  My answer, would be No.   The reason, the repurposed description is describing something that does not exist as described.   A surfer will not find what he or she wants and leave your Blog or site quickly.

Why do I need your R&D Hidden Niche Service?  You are not financially benefiting from the repurposing tactic.   However, you can bet the search engines are utilizing the opportunity.   Remember, repurposed descriptions are hidden but sponsor ads are in the same niche search category.

The original description has now been through a repurposing process.   It is not optimized for utilization by you for your benefit.   When someone clicks newly revised descriptions, online surfers will not find what he or she wants.   They will leave.   But the search engines repurposing tactic process presents a consumer with an opportunity to click on an applicable sponsored ad.   You now know the reason why the top search engines are repurposing original descriptions.

How will this help me?   Our R&D Hidden Niche Team of Specialists will find a hidden niche.   Specifically, the ones with sponsored ads are the most important.   They have the most probability of traffic.  The newly found search engine niche information is reported to the Chief Marketing Officer (CEO).   He utilizes our repurposing process for your financial benefit.   Online consumers will find your information now.   Here is the reason why…

Your new info provided by the CMO will now hook them.   Interested online consumer will click on your link versus a sponsored ad.  Most online consumers do not want to click a sponsored ad.   However, they click on a natural search to discover or find what they want.  Therefore, a click through on you link brings you traffic you are not getting now.  It would behoove you to implement our R&D Hidden Search Team of Specialists.

How do you send traffic from these Hidden Search Niches to my Website?  Our CMO utilizes a specific New Business Development Process.   It is set up on our ABCO Specialties website.   It qualifies, targets and attract traffic.   The qualified and targeted leads are sent to your website.   You begin to reap from the harvesting of hidden search engine niches.  Please note:  We do absolutely nothing to your Blog or website to make our process work right.

Summary: We help you find Hidden Search Engine Niches utilizing our unique R&D Hidden Niche Service.

We will bring you more traffic to your Website and Possibly more customers. You are missing out on this hidden traffic.



Regular price: $1,500.   Special Limited Time Price: $500.00 for 30 days*

*Accepting 10 clients ONLY at this time . We choose only 10 clients at a time so our team is not overwhelmed. The R&D Hidden Search Team of Specialists determines who it can help make successful.  A client’s success is our success!

You receive one Repurposing R&D of a Hidden Search term for $500.

We search the 3 major search engines to discover or find an applicable search term for you.  We will implement our overall process.   You must have your Webmaster turn on the Webalizer that is included in your hosting account.  It allows you to track your incoming leads or traffic from our R&D new business development process.   We will also track traffic sent from ABCO Specialties Com to your website. Traffic results should occur within 45 days.  We allow 30 days for the search engines to crawl you site. By the way, we can not control the search engine crawl process.

Money Back Guarantee: If you do not get leads (traffic) in 45 days from ABCO Specialties you will be refunded your money. We guarantee traffic (leads) not sales.

*Prices Subject to Change without notice.

Will Veazey, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Contact me at: willvz (at) Protection Status

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