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New Website Advertising and Marketing Opportunity!

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The top search engines reveal a new website advertising and marketing opportunity.  But first off, this resource article was originally written April 3, 2015.  It was updated on 07/18/2020. 

Now lets begin by looking at what can help you conduct research about advertising and marketing?  First, this new website advertising and marketing opportunity article can help you brand a…

• Business fast

• Company fast

• Product fast

• Service fast  

The question that pops up in your brain about now is how?  Here is the answer to your how question…

Lets go back in time so-to-speak.  Its 2011 and the top search engines Bing®, Yahoo® Google® (BYG) have made an announcement.  Believe it or not the top search engines found a way to colaborate about. 

BYG simply agreed to make search better.  Their goal was simple since they are the top search engines.  Provide online consumers, marketers, etc. a better search opportunity.   

Second, to accomplish their goal back in 2011 BYG agreed to share searches.  In a nutshell, they agreeded to work toward a common goal.  Help everyone worldwide easily find solutions.   

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