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Sponsors wanted for INVADED. Limited time offer


Buy ONE commercial, get 17 air times, at no charge.  You make one payment per episode.  Title Sponsors, Segment Sponsors and 30 Second Commercial Spots will get SEVEN days of viewership of your commercial.  PLUS it can also be seen Via…

• Internet on-demand at by local, nationwide, world-wide, 24/7 by viewers.

• Live  streaming at .

KVQT-21 the “Preview Channel” has an audience of approximately 2.3+ million households, via outside antenna with a 60 mile range.  Oh, by the way.  KVQT-21 the “Preview Channel” potential audience is in the millions due to live streaming and internet on demand.

Be sure that you read the *Note at bottom of list you are about to see. Provided you click blue link below.  It will help you confirm number of households through an independent source.   It is a listing of high  power channels for people with antennas.  Be sure you scroll down the Google® search engine results page (serp).  Click the blue link below and read paragraph below the table with list of TV stations on following page heading…

Houston Media Market!

Click this cut the cord greater Greater Houston link now please.

Houston antenna reception area reaches out to Spring, Katy, Beaumont, and Clear Lake, Texas.   Conroe area has a 75% signal strength.  One-third of Houston is on the antenna demograhics of 18-45 year olds.


At this present time Four 30 minute episodes of “Invaded” are completed.  They are ready to air on KVQT-21 the “Preview Channel” with an audience of 2.3+ million households.   The first episode of INVADED is  rescheduled for a Fall premiere.

Sci Fi TV Shows!

Hollywood actors Lorenzo Lamas and Lisa London star in one of the 2020 upcoming sci fi tv shows.  INVADED is brought to you by Walker Cable Productions

NEEDED for each 30 minute episode of Invaded...

• *30 SECOND COMMERCIAL SPOTS available for $500.00. 4 minutes of 30 Second Commercials per 30 minute episode.

SEGMENT SPONSORS (2 Sponsors per episode)
$2,000.00 Per Episode
( Includes one 60 second commercial each sponsor or two 30 second commercials each sponsor & “This segment brought to you by…”)

TITLE SPONSOR $ 5,000.00 Per Episode
(Includes: 30 second Intro “Brought to you by”, 30 second Segment 1 commercial, 30 second Segment 2 commercial & 30 second Closing “Has been brought to you by”.)


PayPal Credit?

Read and understand all financing details before you sign-up.  PayPal Credit offers 0% financing for 6 months.  If you do not agree to be responsible by way of your own due-diligence.  Don’t click keyword phrase below for no interest credit, if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99 at paypal credit.

Attention Potential Sponsor.

Click blue link below to watch Invaded trailer.

sponsors wanted for scifi invaded tv series.

(Commercial Production is available if you do not have your own commercial for an additional fee. Call for pricing)


Minimal product placement is available.  Call or email for details and pricing.


How each episode plays out.  Each episode is 30 minutes…

Open brought to you by Title Sponsor :10 seconds

Prologue and Opening Title Sequence

Title Sponsor commercial :30 seconds

This segment brought to you by Segment 1 Sponsor :10 seconds

Series Segment 1

This segment was brought to you by Segment 1 Sponsor :10 seconds

Title Sponsor commercial


Segment 1 Sponsor commercial

This segment brought to you by Segment 2 Sponsor :10 seconds

Series Segment 2

This segment was brought to you by Segment 2 Sponsor :10 seconds


Segment 2 Sponsor commercial :30 seconds

Title Sponsor commercial

Next episode teaser

Title Sponsor commercial

Segment 1 Sponsor commercial

Segment 2 Sponsor commercial

Closing titles

This program was brought to you by Title Sponsor

Title Sponsor In and Out of show and 4:30 commercials

Segment Sponsor In and Out of one segment and 2 commercials

Contact Sales Department

Call Monday – Friday 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM CST

(936) 537-4969

Email: sales (at) walkercableinc (dot) com


A NEW episode will air every Monday (KVQT at 7 pm primetime).  Monday episode will air Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:00 pm, Thursday & Friday at 9:00 pm and Saturday 11:00 am & 9:00 pm, and Sunday 1:00 pm & 8:00 pm.

Initially, WalkerCable Television will market Invaded sci-fi tv series through streaming media.  It is also broadcast on KVQT in addition to streaming media service known as Over The Top.
Streaming media is a stand-alone product
Streaming video goes directly to viewers over the internet
• It bypasses platforms for telecommunications like…
• Multi-channel television
• Broadcast television

Unlike movie distribution OTT streaming media and TV platforms are strictly ad driven. OTT is transparent and immediate as many times an anchor sponsor will buy the first advertising positions of “Brought to you by…”, and other advertisers buy an agreed upon number of ad spots during the presentation. The deals are reached before broadcast so there are no surprises.  In this manner the risk is mitigated as a function of the deal itself.

The streaming video term OTT is synonymous with subscription based video on demand. Platforms they include…
• Amazon Video

OTT is accessed via websites who connect with computers, smart phones, etc. Also by way of apps for…
• Mobile devices
• Digital media players
• TVs with integrated smart tv platforms

Larger streaming services often search the smaller independent venues. They are looking for potential content for their own stations. In some cases Output Deals are reached for the production and delivery of a particular sci-fi tv series. In this fashion a tv series becomes its own greatest calling card for potentially bigger things.

Texas businesses will want to take advantage of the 30 second commercials. KVQT 21 reaches over 2.5 million households in the Houston, Texas region with approximately 5.3 million viewers.  Houston is one of the top ten television markets.


Advertisers will often pay producers for product placement within the story itself. For instance, an actor may be seen…
• Sipping their soda
• Driving their car
• Walking past their business
• Just using their products

Series Stars

Lorenzo Lamas has quite an impressive background in film, television and stage. He played…
• Tom in the legendary big screen movie Grease
• 277 episodes on the iconic series Falcon Crest
• In the television series Renegade, in a starring role for five seasons. It’s now in syndication
• Two seasons on tv series Air America
• A couple of years on The Bold and the Beautiful
He appeared in many productions on and off Broadway in Fantasticks, Dracula, among others.

Hollywood actress Lisa London was in the movie Sudden Impact with  Clint Eastwood.  She also starred in other movies and series.

Contact Sales Department

Call Monday – Friday 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM CST

(936) 537-4969

Email: sales (at) walkercableinc(dot) com


WALKERCABLE PRODUCTIONS is a moderate budget feature film and television production company.  Since 1990, WalkerCable Productions, has produced feature films, movies, and TV media content.
Chuck Walker and Sam Cable have been business partners for 30 years. 
• Their films have grossed over $3 million. Many are still in distribution and being enjoyed today.

WalkerCable movies run the extent of genres, including…
• action
• horror
• western
• faith/family

Notable actors have appeared in WalkerCable movies. The list includes…
Academy Award winner George Kennedy
Emmy Award winner Armand Assante
Emmy Award winner and daytime television icon Eric Braeden
Golden Globe nominee Lorenzo Lamas
Titanic co-star Billy Zane

Other notable actors have appeared in WalkerCable movies. The list includes…
Golden Boot Award winner Bo Hopkins
Carol Alt
Danny Trejo
Daniel Baldwin
Sean Young
• many others

WalkerCable films have been distributed by Lionsgate, American World Pictures and SP Releasing. Both domestic and international audiences have been entertained by their films, movies and series. WalkerCable was also a member of the production team for the tv series, Van-Pires. It quickly became the #1 syndicated children’s television series on the air. It was broadcast in the late 90s by:
Warner Brothers
Van-Pires was the first American-produced series that was…
• Part animated
• Part live-action

CHUCK WALKER (Writer/Director) has been involved in the entertainment industry for 50 years starting as a dancer. He appeared on Broadway and the Las Vegas strip before establishing himself as a writer and director.  As a writer he has optioned over 25 scripts and has produced and directed more that 20 film and televisions productions, including several distributed by Lionsgate. Chuck has seen some of the giants in the industry in his movies including Academy Award, Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award winners and nominees.

He was also a member of the most revered Olympic Boxing Team of all time having competed in the 1976 Olympics in Montreal.
• He was rated as high as number four in the world as a pro and recently honored by the International Boxing Hall Of Fame.

SAMUEL CABLE (Producer) is involved in production at every level. His years of experience include…
• feature films
• television sports
• episodic television
• music
• stage
Cable has taught production for many years and has a passion for at risk students, having established the All Means All academic scholarship program for students who would be the first in their family to attend college.

Contact Sales Department

Call Monday – Friday 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM CST

(936) 537-4969

Email: sales (at) walkercableinc (dot) com

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