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Unique Commercial Opportunity!  Limited Time Offer Commercial! Buy ONE commercial, get 17 air times, at no charge.  You make one payment per episode.  Title Sponsors, Segment Sponsors and 30 Second Commercial Spots will get SEVEN days of viewership of your commercial.  PLUS it can also be seen Via… • Internet on-demand at KVQT21.com by local, …

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Science Fiction Tv Shows

What are they about, science fiction tv shows? For example, look who is starring in one of them. INVADED has Lorenzo Lamas and actress Lisa London starring and therefore it is not the same old – same old.

Science Fiction Tv Series

Watch a new, science fiction tv series, with well known Hollywood actor Lorenzo Lamas and actress Lisa London.  The first episode of INVADED has been rescheduled for a fall premiere.  Meanwhile… Watch INVADED trailer, New, science fiction tv series… Advertising Brought to You By ABCO Specialties… We assume no responsibility or liability for any errors …

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Sponsors Wanted for SciFi Invaded TV Series

SciFi INVADED is about five academically gifted teens. In this scifi, teenagers meet with adults at Houston, Texas, TV station, KVQT-21, for an interview.  The station owner, director and staff begin interview with the teenagers. However, the interviewing process begins to un-ravel. You need to watch INVADED scifi trailer to see why it’s not the …

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Sci Fi Tv Shows

What do you think this Invaded starring Lorenzo Lamas and Lisa London will be like?