Oil Drilling Specialties!

Attention South Texas oil drilling engineers, read about new oil drilling specialties.   For example, discover how a unique oil drilling industry specialty can reduce direct operational costs on environmental risks.   Oil drilling engineers can reduce the liability concerns from contamination caused by a blow out preventer (bop) stack.

Check out brand new patent pending BOP D-Ring oil drilling specialty.   It is fast becoming the oil industry preferred BOP tray.   The major advantages of the new BOP, oil drilling D-Ring:

1.  Its adaptability to different size oil drilling pipes.

2.  The ease of installation on any oil drilling well.

3.  The oil drilling D-Ring innovative design requires no nuts and bolts for installing.

4.  Installation time is cut to a fraction of the time it takes to install current oil drilling trays on the market.

5.  The innovative patent pending oil drilling D-Ring has a rectangular piston in the form of a drawer.   It allows unlimited tightening of the oil well tray to well pipe or flange.   Simply crank a built in hand winch for a tight fit!

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