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Oil Drilling Specialties!

Attention South Texas oil drilling engineers, read about new oil drilling specialties.   For example, discover how a unique oil drilling industry specialty can reduce direct operational costs on environmental risks.   Oil drilling engineers can reduce the liability concerns from contamination caused by a blow out preventer (bop) stack. Check out brand new patent pending BOP D-Ring oil drilling specialty.   It is fast becoming the oil industry preferred BOP tray.   The major advantages of …

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Workover Specialties!

ABCOSpecialties.com features unique gas well workover and oil well workover web, site, specialties.   For example, discover how to reduce drilling industry direct operational costs like, environmental risks and the liability concerns of a contaminated BOP stack. Check out a brand new BOP D-Ring gas well, oil well, D-ring innovation.   It is fast becoming the oil industry preferred BOP tray. The major oil and gas drilling advantages …

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